About Us

The company commenced its activity since 2005 by the hand of its founder Abdulla Ali Kafoud, after having conducted a comprehensive study for the requirements of the market such as building materials, maintenance tools, method of providing them from the original sources, method of their marketing, providing the supporting services that guarantee the excellence of the company from others. The company was evaluating its business during the first year and studying the feeding for the requirements of the customers and diversifying its products by dealing with a number of sources and improving its services. This has contributed to earn the satisfaction and confidence of a number or leading companies and big contracting company in addition to the expansion of the customer circle.

The company has been trying to enhance its existence and activity in the local market pacing with the move of the increasing economic activity in the country. It has been trying to provide and excel its products with high quality and expand its offers from the machinery, hand tools, electrical tools, sanitary materials, mixers, paints, etc. under a single roof to meet all the requirements of the society and facilitate their task in  the selection whether through wholesale for the company and establishments or retail to the individuals through their branches in Doha, which will witness if God permits the inauguration of a number of branches as part of the frame and scope of the geographical and urban expansion in the country.